The Road to Ladakh

I know this is a strange name for a blog unless you have a little insight into what is behind this title.  I can tell you that this site is about overcoming adversity.  I am sure you will agree that everyone at one time or another has dealt with adversity.  Some of us have had more than out share.  But I believe  that facing our troubles head on makes us stronger people.  I also beieve in paying things forward.  If you han lend a hand to someone in need, in the future when you need a hand it will be there for you.

Lending support can take many shapes.  Sometimes it is monetary, but more often than not, you can help someone just by being there to give them you full attention while they verbally work out their own issues.  Never be afraid to be a part of your community.  Community is there for you when you need it.  Friends are not just for partying with, friends are our support network.  Reach out to someone every day.

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