Hateful Stupidity, Commentary on the Orlando Massacre

by on 06/24/2017

It has been a year since America woke up in the wake of the very fresh wounds left by the senseless terrorist attack that led to the largest death toll in a mass shooting in the U.S, I think it is the perfect time to reflect on how this nation needs a substantial change. It isn’t OK that we as a nation have come to accept a deadly mass shooting as part of the norm. It isn’t OK that our leader has had to make numerous speeches about our countries deadly shootings. When is enough enough?

The shooting in Orlando, Florida needs to be a wake-up call. Having forty-nine people, who were out at a club for a fun time, in a place that is supposed to be a safe haven, shot dead is not OK. It is time for a real change. No more pushing the issue of gun control, violence, and the procedure of looking into possible terrorists’ under the rug. We need to act. The issue is far worse than just gun control or other Nation’s attacking us. The real threat is closer to home.Orlando Massacre a hateful stupidity.

The man that committed this horrendous act of hate and violence was an American and lived in America. The shooter in the South Carolina church shooting was an American, a white American. Maybe the real issue lies in our own Nation. There is no cure for evil people, for unwarranted hate. Yes, mental illness may cause people to act out but look at all the people who suffer from mental illness and don’t walk into a school or bar and shoot people.

I will say in the aftermath of such tragedies our country does come together in love and support. But we also label people even in such devastation. Yes, this happened at a gay bar, and a lot of LGBT people were killed or injured but there were also straight people that died; this event didn’t just happen to the LGBT community, it happened to the whole country. We need to come together as a whole, as human beings; not white, black, Latino, gay, straight, or Catholic; just as human beings, as Americans.

Pain is pain and loss is loss. I didn’t know any of the victims in this or any other mass shooting but I felt for them and their families. I cried, I mourned, and I felt a loss. When did we lose our sense of humanity? The best fight against pure hate is love. Love is love, is love, is love. No matter what gender, race, or religion I hope in the shambles of this recent tragedy that change happens, that our leaders take a step towards real progress.

It saddens me that something so horrendous has to happen to bring results, to bring change but it does. So here we are, broken, saddened, and left shaking our heads. Let’s finally do something; let’s make this the last useless act of violence.  Embrace each other and love everybody, plain and simple. We “small” people may not be able to start a law or talk to Congress but we can do simple things. Advocate for change, donate blood, volunteer for issues that you care about, and simply just abandon all your bias and judgments of others and love them. The human heart is much more powerful than we think.