Harvey Mysel – Living Kidney Donors Network

by on 07/31/2017

Thousands of peope are looking for kidney donors.Harvey Mysel has a reason to sympathize with people that are searching for kidney donors.  Harvey himself needed a kidney and the experience he gained during his search for a donor makes him uniquely qualified to help others that are trying to overcome adversities encountered when looking for a kidney.

The primary mission of Living Kidney Donors Network is to educate the individuals who require a kidney transplant about the living alternative. It will help them create a communication plan that is effective to let their family members and friends of their situation. There are many reasons for preferring a living donor over a lifeless one. The biggest benefit of getting a kidney from a living donor is that it will last twice as long as the one from a deceased donor.

The other goal of Harvey Mysel is to educate the public about the requirement of kidney donors. This network has many volunteers that speak at Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and Kiwanis meetings to educate the members about the importance of living donors of the kidney. There are more than one hundred thousand people on the waiting list for the kidney transplant. Waiting for a deceased person for the transplant may take more than five or ten years, making the lives of people waiting while on dialysis at risk. Many of them do not survive the wait because over five thousand of them die while waiting.

Many people know about registering with the motor vehicle department of the state as a donor of organs and tissues, but they know little about living donors and their impact on their lives. Most individuals think that matching is a very difficult and complicated procedure but due to the new anti-rejection drugs, it is quite easy for non-relatives to give the kidneys. A decade ago, over seventy percent of donors used to be blood relatives but the new drugs have made it fifty percent.

There is a growing trend of individuals that learn about the growing waiting list and decide to become kidney donors even without knowing an individual in need. This donor type is called a non-direct donor. Kidney-paired donations and medical technology, also known as paired exchanges, chains or swaps, results in a non-directed donor saving the lives of more people. These exchanges are called ongoing paired exchanges or domino-paired exchanges.

How do you ask someone to donate?


The commonest reason people give for not following up on kidney donors is the concern they possess about asking a person to donate. The most likely thing to happen is a donor to know of your need and offer to donate. As a matter of fact, not everybody who hears about your need will not volunteer to donate. However, you might come across an individual that is willing to donate but does not know your need. The idea is getting this knowledge to everybody you know and those you do not know.

For many individuals, the vital moment occurs when they finally decide to ask people to donate or tell them about their situation and educate them on the available options. This will result in having the right donor finding you. The understated difference has a significant impact on the state of your mind when it comes to talking to your friends and family members. Once you get the motivation to talk to other people, you will need personal confidence to learn about living kidney donation and talking about your situation.

Do you know someone that needs a kidney?


If you are like me you already know someone that is waiting anxiously to find a kidney donor. No?  Well,  chances are that at some point in your life you may need a kidney or know someone that needs a kidney.  We have already talked about the difficulties of asking someone to donate a kidney, and there are many individuals that do not have a family to donate or family and friends are afraid to donate for one reason or another.  No doubt it takes a selfless person to donate an organ.  If you have questions about kidney donation either as a donor or a recipient, there are two websites that can help you better understand the process :