Jordan and the Road

Ladakh is located in northeastern part of India.  It borders on Tibet and has a desert climate.  The word Ladakh means “land of high passes. At one time it was part of the trade route from China to Tibet and central Asia.  Since China closed off its boarders in the 1960’s, life has changed in Ladakh.   International trade in that area has all but disappeared but due to its strategic location, India maintains a strong military presence there even today.

In 1974 the Indian government began to successfully promote and encourage tourism to Ladakh.  Ladakh is a high plateau.  It is a high altitude desert because the Himalayas  block the rain. The area is full of mountain ranges in addition the Himalayas.  Its mountainous terrain provides some stunning views for those adventurous types. But that is not where this blog will be taking us.

I am just an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life.  Like everyone’s, it has ups and downs.  I am kind of fond of independent films and I happened across this particular film not too long ago.   In 2003 an independent film, Road to Ladakh was released at the Leeds International Film Festival..  It was written, directed and produced by Ashvin Kumar, an independent film maker.   This was Kumar’s first film and it took about 9 months to complete, but the actual filming was done in about 16 days I suggest if you are a film buff as well, that you check it out in Wikipedia or even better, on You Tube. (  I will just say that the film originally was unable to get any big money backers but Kumar believed in his work and searched out an international crew that was basically willing to work for nothing, just for the sake of art.

The film was plagued with disasters of all kinds, including several days of rain which was not expected in this desert area.  So I would like to draw from the near disaster making of this short film.  This blog about overcoming difficulties and obstacles in order to achieve whatever it is one desires to accomplish.  The world is full of stories of those who have faced their fears, physical challenges,  and monetary challenges etc. and still managed to accomplish their goals.  So drawing on the inspiring story about Ashvin Kumar’s making of this film, I would like to put l down on paper so to speak, some of the stories of struggling individuals here in our new blog, Road to Ladakh.